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The New Aqualung I770r Diving Computer

Equipment JFolk COMMENTS 06 Sep, 2018

Check out the new Aqualung i770r diving computer

Ultra-Bright, Color TFT Technology

With an ultra-bright, high-contrast, full-color TFT display, the i770R illuminates your deepest dives for clear legibility. With crisp, crystal clear detail, the i770R's display can be easily read in all conditions with perfect clarity. The i770R’s display also comes with easily adjustable intensity settings for environment-specific conditions and battery savings when a high-intensity screen is unnecessary


Bluetooth Smart Integration

Staying connected and managing your dives has never been simpler! Wireless Bluetooth Smart connectivity lets you easily sync your dive data with the DiverLog+ app on your mobile device (available for iOS and Android). With your DiverLog+ app, you can remotely control all your i770R settings, view log and profile data, add locations, and after your dive share your memories, stats, photos, and dive site on social media.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

No need to purchase expensive batteries. With the i770R’s rechargeable lithium battery and included charging cable, you will have a full charge ready for every dive.

3-Button, Easy-to-Navigate Interface

Monitor all your key information and control every aspect of your dive with easy settings preview and updates - all with just 3 buttons. Two navigation buttons on the bottom, and a “Select” button strategically placed in the top right corner, allow for intuitive functionality, especially when wearing gloves.

Complex made easy.





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